Information Store is not starting

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This is an issue that I've met more than once on server running MS Exchange and Forefront Protection 2010 for Exchange.
After the Forefront definition updates were installed automatically the Information Store and the Transport service are refusing to start. When you try to start them you receive "The dependency service or group failed to start". If you investigate the dependencies you will see that both services are dependent of the FSCController service and that service cannot be started.
In the Application Event log you will find the error 2063 generated by the FSC controller - "An error occurred. Failed to initialize document."
To solve this you have to follow the steps:
1. Disconnect Forefront Protection services from MS Exchange.
From the folder "\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server\", using command prompt run: Fscutility /disable.
Run Fscutility /status to check is you disconnected the service.
This will disable the link between Forefront and MS Exchange allowing you to start the Exchange services.
You can read the whole Microsoft KB here.
2. Uninstall Forefront Protection 2010 for MS Exchange from Control Panel, Program and Features
3. Rename the folder "\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Forefront Protection for Exchange Server\" to something else. If you get an error, you should restart the server before trying again to rename the folder.
3. Reinstall Forefront Protection 2010 for MS Exchange from the installation kit.
4. Reboot the server as requested and install all the updates related to Forefront Protection.
This should restore you the protection provided by Forefront for Exchange.


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